Over 40 Years of Quality Service


Leave gas pipe work to the pros

You can be confident hiring us for your gas pipe needs. Our crews are safe and efficient.


We can handle natural and propane gas pipe leaks and repairs, run and move lines, conduct pressure tests, and work on stoves, dryers, hot water heaters, and gas grills.

Call today for your FREE heat service estimate. We’re here to serve your needs 24/7. Ask about new home heating service.


Do you need a reliable heating specialist?

Are you tired of bundling up in extra socks, sweaters, and blankets during cold Michigan winters? Do you need an expert heating specialist that will answer your call for help immediately? You can count on us to install, repair, and service heating systems, and more.

Proudly serving homes and businesses throughout Marquette County for more than 40 years


Some of our expert heat services

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We will make sure you’re always warm and cozy with our annual maintenance services.

•  Install, service, repair heating systems

•  Complete comfort systems and zoning

•  Humidifiers and air filtration systems

•  Radiant and in-floor heating

•  Efficient furnaces, boilers, heat pumps

•  Gas fireplaces

•  Pool heaters