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Do you have clogged drain lines, frozen pipes, or a broken toilet? Call in the experts at Trudell Plumbing and Heating before you incur any real property damage.


Do you need an expert plumber who can handle your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? We have got that covered that, too.

Do you have plumbing problems?

We will keep your water flowing

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You can avoid heat disruptions and reduce energy bills with regular heat system maintenance services provided by Trudell Plumbing and Heating.


If you do have a heating emergency, contact us. With our convenient emergency services, you'll be warm and cozy in no time.

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Are you tired of roasting during the hot Michigan summers? Do you want to make your employees, customers, or business visitors more comfortable?


Let our trained crews install an affordable A/C system or ensure yours is operating at peak performance.

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Don’t sweat your A/C problems

Providing professional and affordable heating, plumbing, and A/C services for homes and businesses throughout Marquette County.

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Do you need a prompt and reliable heating, A/C, or plumbing service provider? You can count on a business with more than 40 years’ experience for superior services.

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